Flitwick 2 vs LDSC

6/2/24 – Prior to the match LDSC were only leading Flitwick by 2 points 

First off, playing in position 5 was Tim who had a game and a half on his hands. He defend two match points against him in the 4th game and a heart rate of over 190 ,this was a real cliff hanger. I am glad to say Tim dominated the fifth set and won 3:2.
Playing as the 4th string Thomas recorded a loss of 0:3 and it was suggested that he is a better Team manager than player 🙂
In 3rd string Stephen recorded a 2:3 loss but he gave it his best to the very end.
This put the pressure on number 1 and 2 to bring the Match home.
In string 2 Evan almost lost the grip , literally speaking as his shoes had very little profile left. But he managed a glorious 3:2 victory. There is now a just giving page to collect funds for new shoes for Evan.
This left Glen at 1 who played a dominating game and won 3:1 which sealed the win over Flitwick 2 with an overall result of 16:11.

This result also means that we are currently leading the table in the prime position.
It will take some focus to ensure we take this home to the end of the season.

Next game will be home against Bulls 2 on the 13th February.

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