Bunyan Bulls 2 vs LDSC

21/11/23 – After last week’s success at home against Flitwick, we were away against Bunyan Bulls 2, the current League leaders. Congratulations to the team on securing a magnificent 3:2 win.

We had an early lead with a commanding 3-0 win from Glen playing in position 2. This was followed by a brilliant performance from Stephen at 3 securing a 3:2 win so momentum was on our side.
Next up at 4 was Tim who had an epic game which challenged his opponent to the full. Tim is the most improved player in the team and he only missed out on converting a match ball and lost a very close match 2:3. Player of the match was David Copley as he filled in as second reserve and played in position 5. Even though he lost 0:3 the spirit he brought to the team was exceptional.
So all eyes where on Sean at 1 who secured our away win with a 3:0 game.
This lifted us to fourth in the league. Great team effort with extra cheering from the sidelines of team captain Thomas
We are looking forward to welcome Towers 4 this Tuesday at home and we hope to have great support from the home crow.

The team’s latest League position is shown at